Environmental Division


Brook Nunn - associate professor

Brooke's research focuses on understanding how different organisms adapt to their unique surroundings by examining their protein expression. This includes biogeochemical recycling of organic matter, specifically proteins, in the marine water column and in sediments, and understanding the chemical interactions between bacteria and particles in the ocean. She also examines why proteins are preserved in sediments for long periods of time. Brooke's website.


Emma Timmins-Schiffman - research scientist

Emma's research focuses on how marine organisms are impacted by the variable and changing environments that they inhabit. She studies molluscs, fin fish, bacteria, and phytoplankton at the molecular (proteomic) level to understand the flexibility and limits of cellular physiology. She has worked in population genetics, genomics, and transcriptomics, but has focused on proteomics since 2014. Emma is especially interested in understanding molecular adaptations and acclimations to a changing climate that is quickly altering the physical environment of our oceans. Emma's website.