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Professional Staff

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Eric Huang - research scientist

Eric's focus is on targeted proteomics and works to develop highly robust, selective and sensitive quantification methods. Prior to joining UW Genome Science, Eric worked as a Triple Quadruple MS Product Specialist at Thermo Fisher supporting customers with a wide range of tasks, from doping in sports to hardware troubleshooting. Before endeavoring into proteomics, Eric worked in bioprocess development, and briefly and unsuccessfully attempted to be a farmer.


Gennifer Merrihew - research scientist, lab manager

Gennifer started at the MacCoss lab when it was just beginning--she was, in fact, Dr. MacCoss's first employee. Since then she has worked on a multitude of projects covering several areas of biological interest. Her current work focuses on Alzheimer's disease research in both humans and mice. 

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Jea Park - research scientist

Bio coming soon.


Richard Johnson - research scientist

Rich is a sciurid rodent and is related to ground squirrels and prairie dogs.  After spending the summer eating a mostly vegetarian diet, he hibernates the rest of the year.  When alarmed by predators, such as golden eagles, Rich will whistle loudly before popping back inside his hole.  He enjoys gnawing salty wrist straps off of trekking poles that hikers have carelessly set aside during rest breaks.

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