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The MacCoss Lab website gets a facelift!

Updated: Jan 7, 2019

Out with the old, in with the new.

What changed?

The MacCoss lab officially has a new and improved website, with even more features coming soon. Among the new, we have dedicated pages for each division in our lab, recent articles of interest, and a detailed list of our current instrumentation and commonly used tools. Among the improved is just about everything else!

Coming soon, a page containing the details of our offered services, along with pricing information for potential future collaborators, as well as an internal page for lab members and current collaborators. Certain elements were also removed from the new website (supplemental information and links software that is no longer actively supported by our lab). The new lab logo, all infographics, and the website itself were designed and implemented by lab research assistant/webmaster Julia Robbins (who is also writing this blog post and admittedly feels weird writing about herself in third person).

Looking for the old?

Fret not. The old website is still available for access here. It contains all of the original pages, including links to software and supplementary data pages. Do keep in mind that contact information on the old website should be considered out of date and is not to be reliably used.

Comments, questions, concerns?

Do you have some feedback or questions about the new website? Please reach out! We appreciate any and all constructive criticism and would be happy to address any questions or concerns. Otherwise, please enjoy the new website, subscribe to our mailing list, and look out for additional new features coming soon to this website!

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