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Analytical Rigor

Each protein and peptide is a unique analyte that behaves unpredictably.  Development of a targeted assay requires an understanding of each analyte built from empirical observation. We evaluate our measurement and analytical performance carefully, and we verify methods appropriately. We assess assay precision within batches and between day-to-day repeatability.  We employ external and internal controls, along with external calibrators for comparative accuracy to ensure data quality. We tailor System Suitabilities prior to running your samples to ensure instrument and system performance and robustness. For complete transparency, we share data and quality control information via Chorus and Panorama as well as Skyline documents.



Our Outlook


We want to learn and to educate at every opportunity.  We inspire confidence in our assays by providing data and expertise at every step of assay design. Learn about our approach to targeted assay design by working closely with us to develop an assay catered to your particular needs one step at a time. 

What we offer

Consult, design, execute

At the MacCoss lab we offer a variety of techniques for both discovery-based and quantitaive proteomics. Our lab is equipped to prepare samples from any species in any biological matrix, from simple to complex, and obtain reproducible data.

  • Do you have a protein of interest, and you want to follow its behavior over time or through a treatment? Our targeted proteomics (SRM or PRM) will answer these questions with high-throughput quantification.

    • We also offer an off-the-shelf SRM panel developed in-house for human plasma and CSF!

  • Do you need to characterize a proteome? Allow us to profile thousands of proteins per sample across your conditions using cutting-edge Data Independent Acquisition (DIA) methods.

  • Need a little of both? We have refined a DIA to SRM workflow that combines the multiplexed discovery capabilities of DIA with the robust quantification of targeted proteomics.

  • Whatever your research goals, we can design an optimized proteomic assay curated for your needs. 


Once a robust assay has been designed, we provide a service for the automated processing of samples using these assays.  The samples are analyzed on state-of-the-art instrumentation (see our Instruments page) coupled with a robust quality control process which monitors spray instability, retention time variability, peak area variability, chromatographic peak shapes, contamination, sample carry-over, mass measurement accuracy, and peptide fragmentation.  Data and quality control information is provided in raw file format via Chorus as well as Skyline documents available on Panorama.


Contact us!

We would love to hear from you!  For more details, please email us at


We are of course happy to speak with you in person as well. Please email Shirley Lam, Mike's administrative assistant, to set up a meeting.

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